A legend unmasked – Terrorist Tovil-Toba

For over two hundred years the Caldari have told the story of their legend and hero, Admiral Tovil-Toba. Sadly he never was. It is time to unmask one of the most ruthless war criminals in the history of the very first Gallente-Caldari war.

Nouvelle Rouvenor –  the aquatic city on Caldari Prime – was an illustrious place of culture, democracy and prosperous living for everyone. An enclave of Gallente values; a symbol of friendship and peaceful co-existence right in the heart of the young Caldari State.

Until a brutal attack shocked New Eden: The Caldari terrorist organization Templis Dragonaurs sabotaged the dome of the city and made it collapse.
In this terrorist act over half a million Gallente citizens were killed. Women, children, men – the leading heads of Gallente culture, promising lives and careers were ended in a heartbeat, just by the maniac motivation of “culture preservation” by Templis Dragonaurs. A maniac idea the Caldari administratives use to desinform their citizens, and which led to this horrible war crime.

Expecting more Gallente victims by terrorist acts from Caldari partisans, the Gallente Federation decided for the last possible solution and began a full-sized invasion on Caldari Prime. Supported by a massive bombardment of the main infrastructure and military facilities, ground troops began the liberation of Caldari Prime. Minor collateral damage was reported in the aftermath and order was restored during the two-week long operation.

The building of a false legend

The retreat was sounded and all remaining Caldari forces began to evacuate their military assets from the planet’s surface and the orbit of Caldari Prime. Heavy Gallente forces kept up the siege trying to prevent the evacuation of mostly military equipment. Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba decided to ignore direct orders from the Caldari high-command and jumped his fleet directly to Gallente Prime, trying to distract the Gallente forces from their siege. It worked, and during an extended 2 day battle he drew attention to his small fleet and opened an evacuation window for the Caldari. A brilliant move you might think.

Ultimately, the fleet Tovil-Toba was commanding couldn’t face the supremacy of the Gallente home defense forces. In a desperate act, he forced a last-man-standing situation and wasted his whole fleet in a senseless battle.

Tovil-Toba simply surprised the Gallente forces. It is a fact, that he managed to disable several Gallente ships, through surprise and guerilla warfare tactics. It is also a fact, that Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba disobeyed a direct command from the Caldari leadership.

Target: An entire city

Suiciding his Carrier on the surface of Gallente Prime wasn’t an heroic act. It was a terrorist’s move, causing more innocent civilian losses than any previous military action. Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba committed a lethal and surprising attack on unarmed citizens, killing millions to get nothing more but an  advantage in a far-away already lost system.

But we’re not speaking about military or strategic objectives and targets here.
We are speaking of the death of about two million people, who died when Tovil-Toba sent his heavily-damaged carrier down to the planet’s surface. The target was the city of Hueromont, one of the largest cities in the Gallente Federation at this time. The giant Chimera-class carrier broke into several pieces and caused massive destruction in the city  with it’s impact.  Additional thousands were killed, when debris of Tovil-Toba’s fleet followed their admiral’s flagship down to the planet.

The Hueromont Incident, as it came to be known, remained in memory as one of the darkest incidents during the Gallente-Caldari war.

The facts are clear. A real war-hero saves innocent lives, regardless of which side of the conflict they’re standing on. Focusing on military objectives should be the one and only motivation for an Admiral. Paying respect to the lives of his own soldiers and preventing senseless death should be a leader’s highest priority.

Admiral Tovil-Toba himself disrespected all these values for a senseless act of self-glorification, causing millions of deaths. Not only Gallente citizens died there, but members of his own fleet too, all of which could have been saved by a simple retreat.

A direct relation between Tovil-Toba and the leadership of Templis Dragonaurs was never confirmed officially, but the obvious similarities in the preferred style of warfare speaks for itself. Tovil-Toba wasn’t a war hero. He was a terrorist!

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